Ashvin Kumar is one of our Corporate Advisory / Private Equity Graduates in the 2023 intake. Learn about his day as a BG Grad!

6:30 AM

My alarm wakes me up, and I quickly shower before ironing a shirt for the day. I never leave the house without breakfast, usually an omelette on toast.

8:30 AM

I arrive at work. Driving to Glenferrie Road is a nightmare, having to pass about 10 school zones. If I have spare time in the morning, I get a coffee from a cafe called Marci, which is just across the road. If they have a chicken bagel (it’s so good), I get one of those as well.

10:00 AM

Most days we have client meetings in the morning. This may be in the form of a site visit, a board meeting, or a strategy discussion. These are a great opportunity to learn as much as I can, while helping my team take notes.

Ashvin Kumar
12:30 PM

I usually go to Guzman y Gomez for lunch. I get a Spicy Chicken Burrito Bowl with added guacamole and pickled jalapeños. I eat as fast as possible so I can get a decent walk in as well.

2:30 PM

Later in the day I often do market research in industries we may be looking at potential opportunities in. I usually research publicly available industry data, and if that’s not available I organise meetings with CFOs of businesses in the industry to get the answers that the team needs. This is often a highlight as I learn about products and services I usually know nothing about and I get to think like an investor.

4:00 PM

I usually eat a snack around this time. The 7-Eleven app tells me when they have good discounts and I go for a quick walk as it’s just across the road.

6:00 PM

I try to go to the gym straight after work because I know if I get too comfortable at home I won’t end up going.

7:45 PM

I usually eat dinner when I get back from the gym. My parents still cook for me but I am aiming to learn how to cook in 2024.

9:30 PM

I usually read a little bit (usually NBA news online – I’m not reading any real books at the moment!) and go to sleep at 10.