Financial Planning & Advisory Services

Our mission is to help you identify your financial goals and then work with you to help you achieve them. We are a team of experienced Financial Advisors with a strong reputation in the industry. We can help you build wealth with unique strategies designed to help you reach your goals and navigate life’s ups and downs.

How we can help you

Financial planning

We’ll get the ball rolling with a comprehensive assessment of where you are now and where you want to go in the medium and long term. We’ll put a recommendation together so that you have a goals-based plan that takes into account all aspects of your financial situation.

Wealth creation

Our Financial Advisors can recommend you a diverse range of investment options that can help get you achieve your financial goals. We partner with you for the long term to ensure your investments are on track and help you pivot when things change.

Tax-saving strategies

We work seamlessly with our Accounting division to advise you on the most tax effective ways to manage your income and wealth to ensure you are making the most of your situation. Our Tax Advisory division can also keep abreast of income tax legislative changes to ensure you are always utilising the best possible arrangement.

Superannuation advice

Super is one of the best ways to save for retirement and it is often one of the biggest assets Australians have. That’s why it’s important to get professional advice. We can help ensure your super fund is right for you, give you strategies to maximise tax concessions and help you build substantial wealth via super.

Wealth protection

Ensuring your wealth is protected is a key aspect of financial planning because the unthinkable can happen to anyone at any time. We can help you get the right insurance in place to ensure you and your loved ones are protected. We can give you tailored advice that takes into account your income, debt levels, lifestyle and family situation.

Estate planning

Your estate plan is more than just your will! We can work with you and your legal team to help with the financial aspects of your estate plan. We can also help you with intergenerational wealth transfer strategies, minimising costs, tax matters, asset security, proper documentation of your intentions, guardianship matters and so on.

SMSF advice

Self-managed super funds have some key benefits compared to classic industry funds. We can advise you on the appropriateness of a self-managed super fund for your situation. We could also connect you with our SMSF Management team. They can help manage your fund if, after our assessment, we find that an SMSF is appropriate for your situation and you wish to go down that route.

Retirement strategies

Retirement is a big step and important to get right. Nowadays, retirement isn’t just stopping work from one day to the next, it can be more of a transition. We can work with you on a plan that will set you up to transition on your terms and enjoy the lifestyle you want. We can help you better understand your financial situation and implement strategies so you can achieve your retirement goals.

Aged care advice

Whether you are considering aged care options for yourself or you’re helping a loved one, the uncertainty around where to move, how much it will cost and how to pay for it can be overwhelming. We can give you step-by-step guidance and help with strategies to minimise fees and maximise any entitlements (incl. Centrelink). We can also support you on an ongoing basis to give you financial peace of mind.

Wholesale investments

For those who meet certain criteria, we can provide access to wholesale investments (that is investments others don’t have access to). This opportunity is for seasoned investors who have the skill, desire and experience to invest in more sophisticated investments. Read more about Platinum.

Who we help

  • Business owners
  • Professionals and executives
  • Those transitioning to retirement
  • High-net-worth individuals
  • High-net-worth family groups
  • Retirees
  • Young couples and families

Our approach

Step 1 – Understanding you

We work hard to understand you, your family, your career, your lifestyle, your health and more. We also discuss things like your risk appetite and attitudes toward money. Everyone is unique and it’s important for us to get to know you properly so that we can give you holistic advice that takes into account all aspects.

Step 2 – Goal setting


We work with you to understand your short-term goals and long-range aspirations. The two most important factors are the timeframe and amount. Some people already have a fairly good idea others need help defining their goals. During this phase we focus not just on your goals but why those goals are important to you as this can help clarify any competing priorities.

Claudio Orrico

Step 3 – Establishing your current position


Knowing your starting point ensures that an effective plan can be put in place. We take you through a comprehensive review process (sometimes called a financial health check) to understand your current situation including your assets, debts, structures, cashflow, forecasting and so on. This helps us spot all of your risks and opportunities.

Step 4 – Design of tailored solutions


We create a comprehensive (or integrated) financial plan that is unique to your situation. It includes things like investments, tax minimisation strategies, structuring, debt and risk management, budgeting, insurance and estate planning. This is a really exciting part of the process because you can see the possibilities open to you and what you can achieve.

Mazzin Albassit

Step 5 – Implementation


Once we have a plan, we work on implementing it so that you can go from your current position to your financial potential. Getting everything set up properly is a crucial part of bringing your plan to life.

Step 6 – Ongoing support


Once you have your plan in place, we strongly believe in giving you ongoing support and advice. This helps you stay on track. By working together over the long term, your plan can adapt in response to any changes in the situation. And we stay on top of your investments so that your money is working as hard as you are.

Jessica Orrico

Why choose us

  • We provide holistic goals-based advice
  • We come up with unique solutions – not cookie cutter ideas
  • We give you effective and reliable financial advice
  • We always explain our recommendations
  • We are always be upfront about the cost of our advice and implementation
  • We will implement our advice and manage it over the long term
  • We will be responsive to your emails and calls

We work every single day to deliver the best possible financial future for you and your people.

What our clients say

rating rating rating rating rating

“Over many years Rocky Sorrenti has given us invaluable advice and assistance with our affairs resulting in some amazingly effective investment strategies. He is always accessible and approachable and unfailingly accurate in his work.”

Gordon Rennick
rating rating rating rating rating

“Exceptional service. I couldn’t rate them any more highly. Mazin has been amazing in providing financial strategies and advice at a level I haven’t found elsewhere, and for a far more reasonable price. Highly recommended!”

Lauris Jones | Google review
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“John Green has been my insurance advisor for many years and has always been supportive and available to discuss the various options available to me as my needs have changed over time. Highly recommend.”

David Wilson | Google review


In short, yes, everyone can benefit from a Financial Advisor. We believe that in the long run people who get professional advice reach better outcomes than those who don’t.


A Financial Advisor can take your ideas about where we want to go financially and give you a clear step-by-step strategy on how to get there.


You will also have a supportive person who can keep you on track, and can be there to advise you should your situation change (e.g. divorce, job loss, business sale).


An experienced Financial Advisor can also present you with ideas that you may not have heard of or thought of yet,  and can also help manage your investments.


A Financial Advisor, working with your estate planning lawyer, can also help you protect your wealth and ensure your family is protected financially should the unthinkable happen.

Choose someone who is experienced in helping people in a similar financial situation to you. Ask for case studies and examples of specific results they have achieved.


Assess whether you gel with the person. You’ll be sharing your private financial information as well as your dreams for the future, so choose someone you get along with.


Consider how responsive they are. Are they quick to respond to calls and emails? Do they follow-up with information as promised?


Ask about any commissions they receive for any product(s) they recommend as the financial advisor should be in a position to provide you with unbiased advice.


Most importantly check that they are a licensed Financial Advisor. This can be done via the ASIC Money Smart website.

How do I get started?

Get your financial affairs in order and get on the path to success with an obligation-free consultation with one of our friendly Financial Advisors.

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