Bookkeeping services in Melbourne

At BG Private, we offer a range of accounting and bookkeeping services to take care of the financial admin side of running a business so that you can focus on increasing growth and profitability. Discover more about our professional bookkeeping services here.

Professional bookkeeping services

Here are some of the professional bookkeeping services we provide:

  • Accounts payable and receivable
  • Payroll and super guarantee contributions
  • Budgeting and cashflow management
  • Bank reconciliations
  • GST setup
  • ATO correspondence
  • BAS and IAS preparation & lodgement
  • Invoicing, payments, debt collection
  • Forecasting including profit and loss
  • Accurate and on-time monthly reporting
  • Accounting software selection, implementation and integration
  • Management accounting including tracking key performance indicators, analysing data, forecasting and modelling to help you make better commercial decisions
  • Desktop and cloud-based financial management
  • Xero and MYOB training
  • Database management and data entry, as well as file backup
  • Virtual CFO including financial strategy (for profitability and growth), operations optimisation, and systems reviews
  • Tax planning review to help you minimise tax within the legal limits

Who uses our bookkeeping services?

Our bookkeeping services are used by hundreds of businesses located in Melbourne and throughout Australia. Here are just some examples:

  • Small to medium sized businesses with a turnover of up to $20 million
  • Not for profits
  • Family businesses
  • Sole traders
  • Start-ups
  • Our industry expertise includes retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers; trades and builders; professional service providers; charities and community organisations

We can give you confidence in where you’re at, and we’re you’re going

Why choose BG Private’s bookkeeping service?

We’re good at what we do

We are a local Melbourne-based team of highly qualified and experienced bookkeepers. We have worked with countless businesses across a range of industries, giving us invaluable experience from other clients that can help your business succeed.

We’re responsive

Our growing team of almost 10 Melbourne-based bookkeepers ensure your bookkeeping is done on-time and to a high standard. And because every business is unique, we can tailor our service package to your needs.

We value long-term relationships

We value long-term client relationships as we know this allows us to get to know you and add more value year-on-year. That’s why many of clients have remained with us for 5, 10 or even 20 years!

We offer integrated advice

We can also connect you with our colleagues: Tax Advisors, Accountants and Business Advisors, Auditors, Corporate Advisory and Private Equity professionals, and Financial & Wealth Advisors so that all your financial matters can be handled by the one team.

We offer reassurance

We can give you the peace of mind that the financial administrative aspects of your business are taken care of and give you value-added insights so that you get the most out of your business.


Every business and sole trader needs and benefits from a bookkeeper. It helps to have the support of a bookkeeper from day one, but you can also retain a bookkeeper or switch to a new one at any time during the life of your business.

A bookkeeper can ensure you stay on top of your tax and compliance obligations. A bookkeeper can also handle payroll, invoices and record-keeping so that you have an accurate overview and historical record of your financial position. Plus, a good bookkeeper can help you with strategy, cashflow and forecasting so that you have confidence in where you’re at and where you’re going.

  • Peace of mind that your compliance obligations are taken care of
  • Clarity around your financial position and your business’s overall financial health
  • More understanding around what is coming for your business with the help of forecasting and financial modelling so you can make better business decisions
  • More time to spend on growing your business – as opposed to doing business admin
  • A sounding board who is available to help you navigate business ideas and challenges

Here are just some of the things we think it’s worth considering: Do they have the appropriate qualifications and experience to handle your business needs? Do you gel with them as a person? Is the team big enough to handle your needs as your business grows? Has the bookkeeper worked on clients in the same industry as yours? Does the bookkeeper answer your questions quickly and clearly, and do they reach out proactively with their own ideas? What accounting software are they experienced in? How much capacity do they have to serve you as a client well? What is their pricing structure?

Our bookkeeping services can be provided by CPA- or CA-qualified bookkeepers, and all our bookkeepers have qualifications ranging from diplomas in accounting and bookkeeping to master’s in accounting and finance.

We are one of Melbourne’s leading accounting and bookkeeping service providers, so we can definitely answer this for you!


For a business, both functions are important and complementary. A bookkeeper does the business’ day to day transactions (paying bills, paying staff, chasing invoices, record keeping etc), whereas an accountant analyses the data and provides additional strategic guidance, including tax planning advice.


Our Melbourne-based team of bookkeepers sit within our broader Accounting & Business Advisory division therefore we can easily connect you with Accountants or Tax Advisors should you need it.

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