Industry specialisations

Different businesses have different needs. Discover more about our industry specialisations and how we can help businesses like yours.

Music & entertainment

One of our industry specialisations is Music & Entertainment. We have decades of experience in helping Australian and foreign artists and the entertainment business more broadly.

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Professional services

Whether you’re an accounting or law firm, a healthcare provider, an engineer or architecture practice, or a financial service provider, we have accountants and advisors who understand your situation.

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Property, construction & building trades

While you’re helping to build Australia, we can help you build the business and financial future of your dreams. We know the accounting and tax ins and outs of the building industry.

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Regional business

We are committed to providing professional accountancy, taxation and business advisory services to individuals and business in rural and remote Australia, especially in Victoria and New South Wales.

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Manufacturing, wholesale & retail

Businesses involved in making and selling face some unique challenges. By harnessing our industry experience, we can help you mitigate risks and give you impactful analysis and strategies so you can reach better outcomes.

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Tech, media & creatives

We have many clients in the creative space and we know how much they benefit from a business advisor that can help them navigate everything from forecasting the employee-related matters.

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From smaller cafes and bars to bigger restaurant and chains we can help you maximise your potential with clever strategies and guidance on industry best practices.

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We believe the best minds in our business are the best minds for your business