Tim Olynyk

Tim Olynyk

Tim Olynyk is the Partner leading our Tax Advisory division. He has close to 30 years of experience in providing specialist tax consultancy services. He is a qualified lawyer and commenced his career working in the legal profession.

Prior to starting at BG Private, Tim worked in the tax divisions of both top-tier and mid-tier accounting firms.

Throughout his career, Tim Olynyk has specialised in providing tax advice to private family group structures and to professional services firms. He has advised entities ranging from some of Australia’s wealthiest family groups through to mum-and-dad family businesses.

Within his practice at BG Private, Tim provides tax advisory services to several external accountancy and legal practices wanting specialist tax consultancy services.

Prior to undertaking any transaction, tax implications need to be considered. Often, there are alternative ways a transaction can be structured which give very different outcomes. Tim’s extensive experience allows him to provide alternative solutions so as to achieve the best possible tax result.

Tim also regularly presents on tax matters both internally and externally to various tax discussion groups.